Discover Excellence in Every Casting

At Smile Casting, we’re not your typical talent agency. We’re a fresh-faced, bespoke agency offering a comprehensive, hands-on talent-sourcing service to meet all your production needs. Our commitment is to provide you with the absolute best talent in the business.

Why Choose Smile Casting?

Professionalism, Simplified: We take pride in offering our clients a professional, slick, and uncomplicated experience that ensures you receive the “Crème de la Crème” of talent. Our aim is to make casting a seamless and enjoyable process for everyone involved.

Our Diverse Talent Pool:

From All Walks of Life: Smile Casting represents a wide range of talent, spanning ages 0 to 90, hailing from across the UK and around the globe. We’re not just local; we’re international.

Our Track Record:

Proven Success: We’ve experienced rapid growth, with our actors landing roles in major feature films, television, theatre, musical theatre, corporate productions, commercials, and various other media projects. Our dedicated Musical Theatre division further showcases our expertise.

Constantly Evolving:

Seeking New Stars: At Smile Casting, we’re always on the lookout for fresh talent. We continue to expand our vast network of performers, ensuring that you have access to the finest in the industry.

Leaders in the Industry:

The Perfect Cast, Every Time: We take pride in our position as industry leaders when it comes to finding the ideal cast, whether it’s for film, television, theatre, commercials, photography, or A&R projects.

Choose Smile Casting for a casting experience that exceeds your expectations. We’re here to help you discover excellence in every casting.