Smile Casting Talent Agency

In my acting journey I’ve had to get very specific about exactly what I want in a relationship with an agent. Predominantly this is great quality auditions and also an agent who has great relationships with casting directors.

Smile Casting have got me TV and film auditions with (among others) Kelly Valentine Hendry, Nina Gold’s office, Robert Sterne, Jason Blum and Channel 4. Also countless commercial auditions, including getting me cast in a national John Lewis Christmas advert.

More than this though I have been looking for an agent who can provide advice and support on my personal journey and is a champion and cheerleader for me. I could not ask for better than Georgina for this.

Zoe Cunningham

I love how transparent it is working with Smile. There’s no cloak and dagger! I always know what I’m being submitted for, and Georgina is always happy to discuss my career.

It’s great to feel that Smile is motivated on my behalf and that they believe in me. In this tough industry I’m so grateful to feel part of a team.

Cici Clarke

I am not usually up for feedback, however out of my 3 agencies Georgina is the only agency that looks at the self-tape and will get back and give her views on if it’s a good self-tape, or if could it be better. In the early days of joining SMILE Casting I must say it used to annoy me, but I knew it was important if I was to get the jobs done many thanks Georgina

Sylvia Johnson

Smile is THE BEST agency I’ve ever been with. Georgina has been supportive, helpful and completely wonderful.

I got an amazing audition, got the job with G talking me through every aspect of the contract (even all the little bits that some agents can overlook) so I went into this job confident, fully informed and raring to go.

I cannot fault the genuine care and compassion for their clients – if you can’t ring your agent for a chinwag and a catch up, you’re with the wrong company!

Smile is fantastically encouraging, always putting the performer’s physical and mental health before the job. It’s a dream team! I cannot wait for my next job.


Hannah Rebecca

Tenacious, fair, empathic, professional, warm kind, believer, encouraging, approachable, pure energy, an absolute winner.

These are just some of the qualities that describe the best agent I’ve ever had. Georgina and Smile Casting are an agency sent from the Gods. I’m so blessed to be part of it.

I’ve never stopped self taping and have had amazing opportunities and done some awesome jobs. Georgina you rock the block. ❤️

Joseph Roi

I’ve been Georgina’s client at Smile Casting for more than a year and I wholeheartedly recommend them. They have been open and friendly from the very beginning, encouraging me to be as open and honest with what I wanted to achieve as I could from the very beginning. Communication has always been easy, which is essential. Also, I’ve always felt like I could trust them. Thank you!

Alice Gallo

Georgina is wonderful to work with! She truly cares about her clients and their careers and is very supportive and dedicated. A fantastic agency run by a fantastic woman.

Ellie Lewin

I have had a fantastic overall experience collaborating with Smile casting, Georgina is efficient, very helpful and a friendly communicator. I look forward to our continued collaboration.

Amy Hargreaves, Materlingua Casting director UK

I’ve been with Georgina for a few years now, and I’ve loved it! She works so hard, is so attentive, and very easy to talk to! It’s so great to be with someone who is so easy to communicate with, and also supports me when I’ve found work of my own!

Charlotte Dowding

Ultra professional, super friendly and lightning fast to deal with.

Ben Tagmin

‘I would highly recommend Smile Casting. Georgina is amazingly supportive as an agent and as a person. Completely dedicated to her talent and helping them move forward in their careers, her work ethic is incredible.’

Beth Gatherer

Since working with Georgina i’ve been blessed with many auditions and opportunities which I know I would not have been able to attain on my own. Her knowledge of the industry and connections have helped immensely on my artistic journey and I know I’ve only touched the surface of her expertise.

Lewis Lisk

Wonderful agent! Georgina is very personable and always encourages me as a client.Highly recommend her. She’s always offering ways for us to grow and develop as performers.

Donna Taylor

The smile Casting team has been working hard ever since I’ve joined them. They are getting me an impressive amount of auditions. I particularly like the fact they are putting me forward for TV, featured films and theatre and not just adverts like other agencies do. They have been helpful and professional at all times and I can tell they believe in my skills and know my potential. I recommend their services without doubt.

Juan Alonso

A professional peoples’ agency. A smile is always waiting. Highly recommended 👍👍👍

Lynda Lim

Really professional and great agency. I’ve been repped by Georgina for just over a year, she is very attentive, encouraging and hard-working. Very happy to be part of the Smile team

Vlada Lemeshevka

Just joined Georgina and Smile this year and managed to land World Remit commercial.Wonderful day filming and got paid extremely quickly.Thank you SMILE.

Patrick Loh

Such a supportive agency! Communication is great And Georgina makes me feel confident going to all auditions 😁

Charlotte Melville

 I’ve been repped by Smile for over a year now, and I’ve felt really taken care of. Georgina and everyone at the office always go above and beyond for their actors, and are so welcoming as well. I will highly recommend!

Bobby Calloway

In the past 6 months of being represented by Smile and Georgina I’ve received a fantastic amount of guidance and support. For someone who is new in the industry like me, this has been invaluable. I’ve been put forward for some really good jobs and asked to do self tapes for casting directors. Using the Tagmin app I’m able to see how much hard work is happening on my behalf. I’m delighted to be part of the Smile Family!

Paul Chalmers

Within a week of me joining the agency, Georgina managed to find me three auditions. Georgina goes above and beyond to do what’s best for me, and I’m forever grateful for what she has been able to do for me.

Daniel Ooko

The opportunities Smile have opened for me have been amazing. Georgina is kind, friendly and tireless in working for her clients.

Tom Hayes

I keep on hearing agent horror stories from other talents and they’re a constant reminder on how lucky I am to be with SMILE CASTING!

Woinkpa Cassiopeia

Georgina is a wonderful agent that gives brilliant advice and has put me forward for lots of jobs! I am currently working at my first professional job that I can’t thank Georgina enough for helping me secure!

Kathryn Irwin

I have nothing but good things to say about Georgina. She is a kind, attentive and hard working agent who puts her clients first. Great experience.

Anders Vardal Gjerde

I cannot rate Georgina & the team at Smile Casting highly enough. Since joining the agency in July I have had numerous castings. Tomorrow I have three auditions in one day! Georgina in particular stays in touch and is incredibly supportive. Smile Casting is everything an actor could wish for.

Lee Copp

Smile Casting Talent Agency is a friendly Agency with a personal touch. Professional and experienced. Georgina is the nicest, most genuine person in the industry.

Paulo Braga

One of the most conscientious and hardworking agents I have come across. Friendly and approachable and always get back to you as soon as they can.

Rajesh Kalhan

Simply brilliant. Encouraging anyone who is in need of representation to get in touch. Professional and casual at the same time.

Sometimes it can actually feel like you are her only client! How that is possible I don’t know. But Georgina makes it happen!

Kristian Garmanslund

Superb Agency, really attentive and personable. Would recommend for any serious actor wanting professional representation. Always on hand to offer advice and suggestions. 10/10

Lilly Baker

As well as dedicated passion and contacts within the industry, Georgina provides you with support, regular updates and offers to show you a breakdown of the work she does on your behalf:

I have been with a few agents and for once, I seem to be truly supported!

Very excited to be on the road Georgina is sending me down!

Kierán Kelly

Smile Casting are a pleasure to collaborate with, which is super important of course, but also they work diligently to secure top notch castings for their clients and within the first week of signing onto their books I had a casting AND a recall!

Now naturally this isn’t going to happen for everyone, but their consistently positive attitude, supportive comradery and honest, authentic approach means that I’ll happily be on their books safe in the knowledge that they’re working hard for me and also representing me in a congenial manner within our intimate acting community.

If I’ve learnt anything in this industry, it’s that we’ve got to trust our business partners as well as maintaining a clear open dialogue with each other.

Both these characteristics as well as respect have been deeply embodied in all our communication and workmanship.

Leaving me with nothing but praise for an agency which is obviously with love, and therefore has clients who’re treated respectfully, honestly and are never left in the dark.

Highly recommend.

Johanna Thea

I would highly recommend Smile Casting. Georgina is amazingly supportive as an agent and as a person.

Completely dedicated to her talent and helping them move forward in their careers, her work ethic is incredible

Beth Gatherer

Fantastic agency. They work fast here! I joined on a Tuesday and had my first casting for a major feature film on the Thursday. The agent, Georgina is friendly, polite and efficient. Helped me prepare for the casting and was prompt with obtaining feedback. I’d highly recommend this agency to anyone who’s serious about their acting career.

Keep up the exceptional work!!!

Darryl Bishop

As someone newish to the business I could not have asked for a better relationship with a better agent. Georgina is very diligent in finding and putting me forward for castings then very supportive through the process.

I’ve only been with Smile for a month or so and have had about the right balance of commercial and theatrical castings, including one for major TV series with a top casting director. Not sure I could ask for more.


Kevin Cherry

Georgina is a very attentive agent. She does all her best to make sure you enter the room where it happens and once you booked the job she checks up on you to make sure everything is going smoothly.

She is always there if I need advice regarding anything, from the financials to taping an audition.

Here at Smile Casting you can be sure to be well looked after.

Carlotta Bazzu

Would highly recommend Georgina at Smile Casting. She is attentive, honest and always prompt to offer any feedback or answer questions. Georgina has a really friendly, yet professional approach and I’m very happy to be working with her!

Grace Cherry

Georgina has an excellent work ethic and has secured many castings for myself in my period of time working with her. She’s available to speak to at all times and gives great advice on what could potentially boost your potential in the industry.

Jake Bryan-Amaning

I’ve been in the industry for a good few years and experienced many agencies. Since recently joining I can say hand on heart that Georgina is the most detailed and helpful agent I’ve had so far! She’s got my foot in the door for the biggest gigs already and will never leave you in the dark on any of them. She’s incredibly organised and you’ll always have clear guidance of everything you need to know. As an agent she truly goes above and beyond for her artists and it feels like family as you’re taken under her wings. Really blessed to have met her and to be on her books.

Shinji Ishigaki

I couldn’t more thrilled to be working with Smile Casting, within my first week I had three castings. Their friendly and professional attitude puts you at ease knowing you’re being submitted for the right roles. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Ella Gauntlett

Georgina is the most pro-active Agent I’ve had in years! 2019 is looking very promising! Really enjoying this partnership already!

Joe Riley

Her amazing work ethic, support and patience truly has made being apart of Smile Casting an enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend this wonderful agency!

I can only ask that my agent does everything they can to get my foot in the door. Georgina has done just that. It’s been a great year so far. She has a great nose for an opportunity and I can sleep at night knowing she is working tirelessly on my behalf!

Andrew Williams

I’ve known Georgina for years and I was thrilled when she approached me to join her agency. In one week she got me 3 castings! & has offered me advice and constructive feedback which has proved invaluable. I’m delighted to be part of Smile.

Deborah Purple

Georgina is the most amazing agent. She’s tough, Sassy and gets out there to get the jobs in. I’m very lucky to have her as my agent.

Martin Cooper-Langham

Having had the pleasure and privilege of knowing the selected team at smile casting I can say confidently, professionals, courtesy, respect are the norm the attention to detail is refreshing. Long may these qualities prevail. It does what it says on the cover (smile).

Rashford Angus

Reliable, easy to contact and great agent overall!

Kai Marks

Fantastic agency, real people who actually care about the talent on their books. Would highly recommend.

Alison Garner

Georgina is a fab agent! Constantly in touch with me with updates and advice!!

Jess Heasman

Georgina is professional, compassionate and understands both her talent’s and clients’ needs. I cannot recommend Smile Casting enough – I wish Georgina all the best with her wonderful venture.

Sophie Taylor

Georgina – young, and very professional agent. Few castings for a month – good job. Thanks!

Recommended! A+++

Oleg Hill