Freya Bussy featuring as a Redcoat at Butlins.
Frontline19 commercial ‘Sicker Than The Patients’ featuring Cici Clarke
KP Nuts commecial featuring Rashford Angus and Jyoti Shah
Goldsmiths Short Film Exhale starring Sinna Mogul
Rashford Angus starring in a NFTS British Association for Screen Entertainment (BASE) Commercial
Tom Hayes featuring in The Crown as the Highgrove Journalist 2
GSK- Shingles Vaccination Advert featuring Angus Rashford
NSPCC featuring Sinna Mogul
Marie Curie commercial featuring Sylvia Johnson
Featuring Patrick Loh and Angle Kwok
Featuring Jayne Lloyd
Splintered by Emily Aboud at Soho Theatre, starring Charlotte Dowding
Age UK Advert featuring Rashford Angus
Gala Bingo Bunch of Fives Advert featuring Rajesh Kalhan
British Society for Rheumatology featuring Rashford Angus
Age UK Advert featuring Rashford Angus
Albert Barlett Advert featuring Rajesh Kalhan
Breaking Infinity Film featuring Zoe Cunningham as Emma
Featuring Hannah Rebecca as the Statue
Pfizer Commercial featuring Maria Villaca
Featuring Charlotte Dowding
Trust Pilot Commercial featuring Joseph Roi
New Ryobi Power Tools Commercial featuring Gabriella Vidale
E.ON Commercial featuring Rashford Angus
Featuring Daniel Ooko
featuring Charlotte Dowding
Featuring Charlotte Dowding
Featuring Rob Kirtley
British Beer Alliance feat Rashford Angus
Poachers feat Ethosheia
Santander feat Rashford Angus

Carex, Protecting the Nation feat: Sylvia Johnson
Aircall feat: Woïnkpa and Victoire Dauxerre
Sky Cinema HD UK feat: Rashford Angus
TUI feat: Johanna Thea
Directed by Paul Hyett (The Seasoning House) and starring Ed Speleers, Holly Weston, Shauna Macdonald, Rosie Day & Sean Pertwee

Dettol feat Rob Kirtley
Dunkin’ Go2’s feat Woinkpa
Childhood trust feat Edwin Nwachukwu